Kick22.com Features: Customisable design

Kick22.com: Customisable design

The design of your Kick22.com website is controlled by each individual team, with in excess of 37,000 unique designs available.

Through the easy-to-use Administration System, you will be able to choose the colour scheme, header image, background and fonts used on your website.

If you create a website for more than one team, each individual team will be able to customise their website to their own desired design.

The settings can be changed at any time, as often as you like.

Colour scheme

At present there are 10 colour schemes that you can choose from, these are:

We are looking to add more colour schemes as and when required. If you would like to request a specific colour for your team, please contact us.

Header Image

The header image that is displayed at the top of the website is entirely customisable. We have supplied an initial set of 19 different header images for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can upload your own header image.


The background for your team's website is also customisable. We have created an initial set of 11 backgrounds for you to choose from. Again, if there is a specific background you would like for your team, simply contact us.


The final customisable element of a Kick22.com website is the font. You have control over the fonts used for your headings and introductory text. Teams can choose to have the text displayed in lowercase, uppercase or sentence case. The fonts you can choose from are:

Again, if you would like to request a specific font, please contact us.

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