Kick22.com Features: Easy-to-remember Website Addresses

Kick22.com users now have the option of using their own web address for their website. Click here for more information about using your own domain name.

If you don't use your own domain name, then your website address will still be very easy to remember - it will be in the form of digitalfc.com/teamname. So if you team is called Scotter United, your website address could be:

If your club runs multiple teams (for example, at different age groups), their web addresses can be set-up in an easy-to-remember way as well. For example:

You also have the option to change the address of your websites at any time using the Administration System. If you do decide to change your address, the changes will happen immediately.

The website addresses of individual pages are also very easy to remember. Using the Scotter United example above (and depending on how many teams you have), the page containing your list of players would be visible at:

Individual player profiles would be seen at:

Your fixtures/results page would be at:

Your contact page:

Et cetera.

Not only are these web addresses easy to remember, they will also enable the major search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and Ask) to spider your website and include the your pages in their search results.

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