Sandy Football Club: Minutes from Sandy Fundraising Committee 04/10

The latest minutes from Sandy FC's fundraising committee.

MINUTES OF THE FUNDRAISING COMMITTEEHELD ON 6th APRIL 2010   Attending:       Colin Osborne (Acting Chair), Steve Jakes, Doug Oakley, Kathy Knight, Dorothy Oakley  

1.      Apologies:  Kevin Hallett           

2.      The minutes of the last meeting were agreed.  

3.      Matters arising: 

4.      Fantasy Football – Steve to update the table before the next fundraising meeting.ActionSteve 

5.      Presentation Evening – the menu has been confirmed with Doreen Lambert, as has the disco with Gary from Roundabout Club.  Colin has ordered the trophies for both Presentation Evening (4 per team) and 5 a side (16 in all) making a total of 28 trophies.  Dorothy has received a refund from Jon at the Roundabout Club in respect of the quiz night, so only have to pay another £20 balance for the Presentation Evening.  Need raffle prizes for the evening, Dorothy to contact Team Managers to ask if any team members can donate a prize.Action:  Dorothy 

6.      5 a side – Colin and Dorothy met with Kevin to finalise arrangements for organising the 5 a side.  Dorothy has agreed to do the paperwork. D to e-mail forms for the 5 a side to Richard Selden and Steve Jakes.  Kevin will contact Peter Francis and book the referees.  Alan Watson has kindly agreed to help with the event in respect of marking pitches and the loan of the PA system.  Colin spoke with Max Hill, one of the organisers of the Sandy Carnival and he agreed the 5 a side would be advertised in the Carnival brochure. Dan Bailey has agreed to update the programme. Kevin has received the trophy back from last year and will ensure it gets engraved.  Colin to investigate where we can get a marquee from.  Action:  Dorothy/Kevin/Alan/Dan/Colin   

7.      Carnival -  it was agreed by the Committee not to have a Tug of War, but there will be a Beat the Goalie which will be run by Steve Jakes, Dan Bailey and Pete Gatti. Action:  Steve/Dan/Pete 

8.      Any Other Business – Dorothy to contact the Team Managers about all fundraising events and also raffle prizes.  Action:  Dorothy 

9.  Next Meeting – Tuesday, 18th May 2010 at 7.30 pm


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