Sandy Football Club: Minutes from Sandy Fundraising Committee 06/10

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Attending:       Colin Osborne (Acting Chair), Steve Jakes, Doug Oakley, Dorothy Oakley  

1.      Apologies:  Kevin Hallett, Kathy Knight           

2.      The minutes of the last meeting were agreed.  

3.      Presentation Evening – another very successful event.  Colin gave a breakdown of expenditure for the night.  The evening made a profit of £79.60.  We need to have feedback from the teams.  Action:  All 

4.      5 a side – due to the lack of interest and enthusiasm from local clubs, unfortunately this event has had to be cancelled.  Discussion as to whether Father’s Day, World Cup etc. made a difference to participants, and therefore need to think about maybe holding it on a different date next year.     

5.      Carnival -  Because of the carnival also having to be cancelled, we could not hold Beat the Goalie, which would have been an additional source of revenue. 

6.      Henlow Greyhound Racing – decided to hold this on Friday, 17th September.  Tickets will be set at £3 per ticket.  To do poster for fundraising board. Action:  Dorothy 

7.      Any Other Business – none.

8.  Next Meeting – to be agreed


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