Sandy Football Club: Sandy FC Development update letter to Residents

An update letter to residents regarding the propsed developments that Sandy FC hope to complete at their Bedford Road Recreation Ground.

Sandy Football Club: Update – July 2012. 

Sandy Football Club was most concerned to learn of the anonymous and malicious note delivered to you a couple of weeks ago, resulting in a number of you attending a recent Town Council Meeting and which left others of you extremely anxious that more games are to be played at Bedford Road Recreation Ground, floodlights are to be installed, a stand is to be built and parking increased.


We can assure you that all of the above are totally false and have been completely made up.


The person who compiled the note is now known and had ulterior motives, but unfortunately it has resulted in a lot of grief both to you and to the Football Club.


Sandy Football Club has been in existence for 103 years and its home has always been at Bedford Road Recreation Ground, a major reason why we do not wish to move to Sunderland Road. Secondly, if we did our partner Sunday side would cease to exist because Sunderland Road is fully booked every Sunday for Colts, Ladies and Girls football. Thirdly, Sandy Cricket Club has exclusive use of Sunderland Road from 1st May to 31st August, which would mean that fixtures in the closing weeks of the season and pre-season football fixtures and tournaments held at Bedford Road could not take place. Finally, Sandy FC only exists largely because of the £3,000 raised each year from the bar facility in the Bedford Road Pavilion which would not be possible in the Jenkins Pavilion at Sunderland Road.


The Football Association nationally, who are always trying to improve Club facilities in the lower leagues, have introduced new requirements for our Premier Division. Unfortunately the facilities in the Bedford Road Pavilion narrowly fail these on two accounts.


·        Both players’ changing rooms need to be reconfigured internally to provide more space for changing, less for showers and a toilet – this will be done without altering the exterior of the building.

·        The Referee’s Changing Room at the rear of the building needs to be enlarged and a toilet included. This cannot be done internally and so a small extension is proposed using a piece of waste land at the rear of the pavilion. 


The Club also recognises residents’ concerns about parking, and has sought approval from the Town Council to allow a dozen cars to park off the road next to the toilets on match days. The Club had planning permission for this several years ago but the permission has now lapsed.


Our Chairman, Colin Osborne, (01767 682032) is happy to show residents the proposals and invites interested parties to come to the Pavilion on either Monday 2nd July at 5 pm or Thursday 5th July at 7 pm.


It has been suggested that we send newsletters to residents and we will endeavour to do this, but the Club’s Website –  -- gives full details of news, fixtures, results, league tables, players’ profiles, fundraising events, etc.          


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