Sandy 1st Team: Match Report v Biggleswade United Reserves

Competition Cup - Biggleswade Knockout Cup
Result Sandy 1st Team 3-2 Biggleswade United Reserves
Date Wednesday 04 September 2013
Kick Off 6.15pm

Match Report

A capacity crowd gathered to watch both teams fight it out for a place in the semi-finals after grafting hard to make it to this first round quarter final match. Sandys new look side were hoping to improve on last years contest where they lost 3-1 in the pouring rain.

Todays story was very different though as the teams turned up ready to play in the evening heat, with the game running late they kicked off at 6:30 and cut the halves down to 40 minutes each way. Sandy prepared themselves with a plan of staying deeper to counter any possible threats of pace from the Biggleswade front line but after 5 minutes it was clear they weren't going to get done for pace just yet so they pushed high as normal. Sandy started the brightest and were moving the ball around quickly enabling them to create lots of space all across the pitch. Juicy looked to be making lots of clever runs but the ball never quite made it to him, however everybody was getting in on the action and the first piece of dangerous play for Sandy came as the ball was played into Liams feet, with his back to the goal on the edge of the area he knocked it back to Ryan Burgess who took one touch then pummelled the ball towards the bottom far corner and the keeper couldn't hold onto it, 1-0. This prompted a brief response from Biggleswade and they managed to successfully work their way into Sandys penalty area down Sandys left hand side as Nathan struggled a little bit with some lofted through balls, this pulled the Sandy back line out of shape and the ball made its way across the whole of Sandys goal however nobody in the Biggleswade team was able to get onto the end of it. Sandy were winning a succession of corners and free kicks and this finally paid dividends when Gilly sneaked his entire unit to the back post to score a wonderfully powerful header from Ryan Gregorys corner. Half time 2-0.

Biggleswade improved after the half switching their wingers over and also bringing on Nicky Threadgold to add some more pressure to Sandys backline, immediately Nicky was hassling the defence and left his mark on both Beally and Nathan by leaving his foot in unneccesarily, however Sandy continued to stay composed and still looked the stronger outfit but they had to be a little more careful when Biggleswade counter attacked as they now had a lot more pace. With 30 minutes left Biggleswade got their first really dangerous effort and this lead to a goal, a short throw in was taken and the ball immediately whipped across the area and although Sandy appealed for the offside the Biggleswade winger/forward broke away and got a small flick on the ball to send it past Pally. This encouraged Biggleswade but they fell asleep and only a few minutes later Sandy won a free kick which was quickly played into the box and Beally found the space to nod the ball into the top of the net to make it 3-1. Biggleswade really came alive with 15 minutes left as they exploited Jennings weakness which is to give away a penalty rather than let the player have shot in open play. Everybody was hoping Pally would make it 3 penalty saves in a row but the Biggleswade penalty taker seemed to miskick it right down the middle of the goal. This led to a flood of pressure and it took a lot of grit and determination to keep hold of the lead as the darkness began to fall. A series of crosses, long shots and corners occured and Pally had to pull out a worldy of a save as he pushed the ball out from the top corner and onto the bar after a powerful header from a corner. The 2nd half action was really end to end but it was Sandy who finished the game winners to go through to the semi-finals where they will play either Ickwell or Caldecote 1st teams.

Match Stats

Starting Line-up:

1. Mark Pallister (1)
3. Ryan Gregory (1)
4. Mark Jennings (1)
7. Ryan Burgess (1)
8. Tom Mcghee (1)
9. Liam Brophy (1)
13. Nathan Morris (1)
16. David Gill (1)
17. Phil Beall (1)
18. Ian Jakes (1)


8. Adam Grimshaw (1)
10. Jonny Stratford (1)
11. Tom Burton (1)
15. Paul Chamberlain (1)

Goal Scorers:

1 x Ryan Burgess
1 x David Gill
1 x Phil Beall


2 x Ryan Gregory
1 x Liam Brophy


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