Sandy 1st Team: Match Report v Caldecote Reserves

Competition League - Division 1
Result Caldecote Reserves 0-1 Sandy 1st Team
Date Saturday 06 April 2013
Kick Off 2.30pm

Match Report

Sandys bare 11 and Anthony travelled to Caldecote for the local derby, hoping to complete the double over their rivals after beating them 1-0 at home in December.

The first half was a bit of a bore as both teams defences were winning their key battles and this led to the game being a bit of a mess as both the midfields worked hard to try and get on the ball down and get some football going. Jennings and Gilly were not getting much joy as nothing was coming to feet and it was a bit of a juggling act as the ball bobbled about between themselves and the Caldecote midfield. Caldecotes main threat was then substituted to the surprise of everyone due to injury, and this lead to a re-shuffle for Caldecote which gave them a little more width down the left from Pallys best mate.

The first of Sandys chances was the first of many free kicks, Oli got very indecisive and instead of shooting or lofting the ball into the Sandy centre backs he kind of poked it at the wall and it was cleared immediately. Caldecote were mainly trying to loft the ball towards their strikers but these were easily cleaned up by all 4 of the Sandy back line. Sandy then managed to break a couple of times, firstly with Ryan down the left wing and Beally also took a run from the half way line down the right, and eventually won a throw in. Beally stayed forward and flicked on Oli's big throw but nobody was able to get on the end of it and the Caldecote right back cleared. Next Wren hit the joint of the goalposts at the far post from a Dale corner. Again it seemed Sandy were going to get their best chances from set pieces as both Oli and Dale were also suffering from the lack of passing football being played, and were restricted to having to chase long through balls that were always hit just that little bit too far. 

Caldecote had a succession of dangerous thrown ins taken by Senderos but again Sandys defence never looked troubled enough and Pally was mainly left to take the goalkicks. To nobodys surprise the score at half time was 0-0.

Defensively Sandy were very happy but knew that if they were to get anything in the second half they needed to get hold of the midfield a little more and get the ball into the strikers feet or to exploit the space on the wings better, and for the first 15 minutes they did manage to do this. Gilly and Jennings were winning more tackles in the middle and also had some more space to play the ball around, in particular Ryan Gregory seemed to have a lot more room that he could use to run at Senderos and it was down this left flank that Sandy really did begin to look dangerous. Sandys did eventually break that deadlock and as expected it was from a free kick. Gilly lofted the ball into the Caldecote area from the half way line, Jennings got the flick on and this pushed the ball towards the back post and Oli was the first to react and from 6 yards he nodded the ball into the bottom corner. Now Sandy had that extra insentive to work that little bit harder than Caldecote and to protect their lead.

With 15 minutes gone this extra hard work suddenly began to take its toll and a few players were really puffing for air in the little heat that England hadn't seen for quite some time. This lead to Sandy sitting off a little bit and struggling to keep hold of the ball as players weren't making space for each other anymore and when they did get the ball all the could do was hoof it. Caldecotes keeper Dan Hall began to see a lot of the ball and kind of became their playmaker with his powerful kicking ability, sitting on the edge of the Caldecote area he picked up all the loose balls and was spraying he ball to his defence, midfield and strikers. The most dangerous was a well hit ball straight down the middle of the pitch which bounced wickedly and outdid both Wrenny and Beally and luckily for Sandy even the Caldecote forward, and Pally was able to collect on the edge of the area. It was Caldecotes turn to add some pressure in the form of set pieces as they got down the flanks on a couple of occassions and their crosses were blocked well by the Sandy defence.

With 15 minutes to go it was still unclear whether Sandy would hold onto their 1-0 lead, extend it, or if Caldecote would equalise. It was infact Sandy who should have extended their lead as they broke through on goal on numerous occassions. Jennings had the opportunity to add to his assist as he battled shoulder to shoulder with Senderos after a nice ball into the area, he eventually fought off the Caldecote defender and as they both fell to the ground got a shot in but this was blocked and cleared. Next Oli had the chance to make it 2-0 as Gilly played a lovely chipped through ball and Oli raced the defender, got there first, but decided against shooting first time, turned back inside, still didn't fancy it with his left and turned back onto his right but by now the defender had recovered and managed to get his toe on the ball. To everybodys surprise Jennings found himself in another lovely position after a pass from Ryan Gregory and this time he had space to pick his spot but rather then him fluffing the chance it was infact a wonderful save from Dan Hall and the ball went out for a corner. Caldecote never really looked like scoring apart from on 1 occassion but Anthony completed his first key decision of the day with an offside call.

Final score 1-0 and Sandy did repeat the result from the return fixture, however on this occassion they perhaps should have won by more than the 1 goal. This great win shows Sandy should really be nearer to that 4th position in the league and should hopefully see them finish above Caldecote.

Match Stats

Starting Line-up:

1. Mark Pallister (8)
2. Peter Rogan (8)
3. Ryan Gregory (8)
3. Shane Pope (8)
4. Mark Jennings (8)
5. Andrew Wren (8)
7. Ryan Burgess (8)
13. Olly Banfield (8)
16. David Gill (8)
17. Phil Beall (8)

Goal Scorers:

1 x Olly Banfield


1 x Mark Jennings

Man of the Match:

2. Peter Rogan


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