Sandy 1st Team: Match Report v Luton Boys Seniors

Competition Friendly - Game changed to friendly - Luton Boys have folded
Result Luton Boys Seniors 2-2 Sandy 1st Team
Date Saturday 21 September 2013
Kick Off 2.30pm

Match Report

On a beautifully sunny day, Sandy travelled over to the picturesque town of Luton. In fact, it was so nice that Tom Burton had decided to spend the night in a hotel the day before, so he could fully soak in and explore the towns different sights and scenerys before the game. Sandy knew they were going to have to be cautious of how strong a side Luton Boys Seniors will actually have as you can never be certain who they will have available on the day. The pitch allowed for some constant side to side action (literally) in the game as both team started warming up, and as it turned out, Luton did have a stronger team then their league position suggested. The game started wih Luton the stronger outfit as they controlled the possession better, particularly the number 4 who was interpreting the Pirlo role very well indeed. Despite this though, Sandy were not allowing them to use that possession to good effect and you wouldn't have said that Luton were having the better of the chances in the game. This was then proved as it was Sandy who took the lead. They were given a free kick by the referee just before the half way line, Beally took this free kick and aimed it straight at Grimmys head, Grimmy flicked it on for Juicy who took 1 touch and then half volleyed it just inside the near post, a cracking effort to make it 1-0 to Sandy. With 5 minutes to go though Sandy were pegged back as they sufferred the misfortune of an own goal, a corner was played from Sandys right all the way to the back post, both Pally and Shane went for the ball but missed it, and it just happened to be that Beally had ran to the far post to get goal side of his man, and Shane and Pally didn't get a touch on the ball and so it went straight into Beallys face and into the goal from only a yard out. 1-1 and this is how it stayed up until half time.

The second half began with Sandy looking to press the number 4 a little bit more, and this saw Juicy working back to challenge him on multiple occassions to great effect, Luton knew they now had a battle on their hands. Sandy needed to dig deep if they were going to win this game on the difficult playing surface. Again though, like the first half, it was a very close game with both teams looking equally as dangerous, but apart from the odd pot shot, and Juicy trying to knock the ball past his man and run around him, there wasn't anyt action that looked like it might result in a goal until the last 20 minutes. First they hit the bar after a corner was hit long by Ryan Gregory, but Tommy McGhee whizzed it straight back in and Beally stuck out a leg which guided the ball towards the top corner of the goal frame. Sandy did again take the lead but this time from a scruffy goal, Sandy won a free kick just inside the Luton half, Mcghee floated the ball far post which was nodded down by Liam towards the far post, and it looked like it was going to sneak in, but just incase, Grimmy slid across his man to get his toe on the end and speed up the process of it hitting the back of the net. 2-1, another lead for Sandy to hold onto. Luton again pressed though and they were rewarded again for their efforts not by a beatiful finish, but a little bit of luck. Sandy defended a throw in, but weren't able to get the ball far away enough from the area, Beallys clearance fell to the Luton forward who shot straight down the middle of the goal, however there was a swarm of bodies, and Ryan Burgess tried to get his head on the end of it, which he did, but unfortunately he flicked it right into the top corner and there was nothing Pally could do to stop it. Jennings missed this as he was on the floor after receiving an elbow to the face. Now the game was really on a knife edge, and both teams missed glorious opportunities to win the match. Beally headed over from a corner which should of been on target, then Burgess missed probably the best chance of the game as he let the ball run across him after finding himself free at the back post, he just about stopped it going past him and took a swipe at the ball hoping to put it into the net, but it was millimetres wide. Although Sandy could feel gutted they didn't get the win, the Luton substitute blazed an equally good opportunity over the bar, and on reflection a 2-2 draw was probably a fair result despite Sandys chances.

Next game is against Barry Morris's old teams reserve side so everybody will be hoping to get the win for Barry.

Match Stats

Starting Line-up:

1. Mark Pallister (1)
3. Shane Pope (1)
3. Ryan Gregory (1)
4. Mark Jennings (1)
7. Ryan Burgess (1)
8. Adam Grimshaw (1)
8. Tom Mcghee (1)
9. Liam Brophy (1)
11. Tom Burton (1)
15. Paul Chamberlain (1)
17. Phil Beall (1)


30. Baz Morris (1)

Goal Scorers:

1 x Adam Grimshaw
1 x Paul Chamberlain


1 x Adam Grimshaw
1 x Liam Brophy


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