Sandy Reserves: Match Report v Bedford Park Rangers

Competition League - Division Four
Result Sandy Reserves 2-7 Bedford Park Rangers
Date Saturday 05 November 2011
Kick Off 2.00pm

Match Report


Sandy Reserves played host to top of the table Bedford Park Rangers, and although they were in a good run of form it was always going to be a a tough match. There was also a strange start to the afternoon as the league appointed referee didn't show for the fixture, Tony made some quick calls and managed to get a helping hand from Gary Wilson who stepped in to ensure that Sandy had a new ref for the day.


With the hasty rearrangement the game managed to kick off at approx 2.30, and with the light drawing in quickly on a murky afternoon it was decided to play 40 minutes each way, which both teams were happy with.


The delayed start didn't do the home side any favours at all and found Sandy Reserves sluggish straight from kick off. The visitors on the other hand started the game quickly and with Sandy sitting on the deck without responding to the play that was against them Bedford Park Rangers were able to take advantage. Some poor defending by Sandy in their 18 yard box saw the ball slip into our net which signalled the start of things to come.


Despite recent strong performances Sandy hadn't got going at all. There was plenty of shouting and balling by the players as they saw each other sitting back, but this was soon knocked out of them as the goals against Sandy grew.


Finally Sandy Reserves awoke and started playing some very convincing football, with runs out to the wings and good vision. This was more like the more recent performances and Sandy began to make a contest of the match. 1st Team squad player Charlie Seward was holding the midfield with Baines, but Charlie wasn't having his best afternoon and his attempts were not always convincing as he was closed down quickly and not allowed to play.


Jonny Stratford and Chris Gregory worked hard up top feeding on scraps and were found chasing the ball out wide as the forward passes were very quick and slightly off line. However Sandy slowly  started to take better control of the ball as some brilliant runs on both side were made, sometimes only gaining space as the ball was knocked out to the other side.


Tony gave a short, sharp team talk at half time as the light was against us highlighting the errors of the teams ways. He hoped for a response during the second half and for the most part he got it. 


The second half was not without mistake's but Sandy were much improved and they took better hold of the challenge that was against them. The rise in efforts saw Sandy start to be threatening and begin to create chances. Charlie Seward was still struggling to provide the good service and forward play that was expected from the centre of midfield though. However some more chances were created and finally Matt Baines put Sandy on the score sheet with a cracking blast as he hit the back of the net.


With the game progressing Tony decided to make a change to the field, as Chris Gregory came off which allowed Charlie to move to his more favoured position up front and Matt Flynn replaced him into the centre. Fresh legs were always going to be an advantage especially when the play from the opposition is quick and hard.


Sandy then managed to pull a second goal back as Matt Baines repeated is first goal with yet another cracking goal, Baines earned himself man of the match for his efforts.


Each and every game is a learning curve not only for the players but for Tony as well. Today though the team learned that there is one thing for sure, and that is that we all learn the hard way. Sandy knew the game today would be hard, but the efforts after we woke up, made a fantastic difference to the game and the hosts need to remember to start games strong so that they are not fighting back from a deficit.


Our thanks as a team must be shown to Gary Wilson for stepping in to ref the game. Cheers Gary. final score 2-7


Match Stats

Starting Line-up:

5. Peter Rogan (6)
8. Chris Gregory (6)
16. Adam Hales (6)
16. Gareth Seldon (6)
17. Danny Hoole (6)
20. Matt Baines (7)
21. Charlie Seward (6)
21. Jonny Stratford (6)
31. Ryan Gregory (6)
50. John Sheppard (6)


14. Matt Flynn (6)
69. Anthony Roberts (4)

Goal Scorers:

1 x Jonny Stratford
1 x Matt Baines


Man of the Match:

20. Matt Baines


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