Sandy Reserves: Match Report v Dinamo Flitwick

Competition League - Division 4
Result Sandy Reserves 2-0 Dinamo Flitwick
Date Saturday 08 September 2012
Kick Off 2.30pm

Match Report


A slight delay in starting, as the ref insisted that the White tape and White ankle protectors were removed from the players socks and ankles as per the new FA rules that they must be the same colour as the socks. Players use the tape to keep the shin pads in place the ankle protectors do what they say. So before the game even began, players from both teams were put on edge, as this is something that they had always done in the past.

Sandy had kick off and with a positive pass back to our holding midfield, Sandy were found under pressure as 3 opposition players closed the gap with speed, this resulted in D/F taking control of the ball and a very early attempt on goal, with Baines managing to clear the ball from danger, Sandy then pushed and attacked, again D/F won control of play, with speed, good passing and movement of players they were deep into our half attacking our goal, excellent defending and goal keeping from Phil denied D/F a goal and a lead in the game. Sandy swiftly replied with attacks of their own, creating chances in the danger area, Jonnie got himself ready to strike the ball as the whistle was blown for an offside decision, Jonnie's shot was pulled slightly wide of the post, opposition keeper then shouted to the ref (kicking the ball away ref). The ref then told Jonnie to either get the ball or he'd would give him a yellow card. This seemed to be very unfair as it was seconds from the whistle being heard for the offside flag, to the ball being kicked as Jonnie was already at mind set to have shot. Jonnie got the ball to save the booking.

Players even more frustrated, as this was not a deliberate, frustrated kick the ball away offence.

The team settled and turned their heads back into the game in hand, some fantastic covering from all players but especially from Dora as he needed to cover for Gipson as the game required Gipson to be drawn into the centre, Gipson was playing left back, this movement left the right wing man from D/F free and in plenty of space, Dora's positive thoughts and movement during the whole game paid off with the additional covering on the back line, but this meant the Dora was not in the prime position as a supporting striker, good covering was certainly a big part of Dora,s game. Excellent defending and breaking away from both Gipson and Barham found Sandy pushing into the opposition half. A break through from Jonnie and Andy  found the finish, with Andy scoring our first goal, a fantastic ball across goal by Jonnie was cleanly put into the back of the net.

Sandy now 1-0 up with still 15 minutes left of the half. This opening left Sandy with the bit between their teeth as they created chance after chance, Jonnie broke loose finding himself on a one to one with the keeper, with Andy and Dora closing down the space in the box, the keeper caught an eye on the players coming in and made a gamble as to which way Jonnie was going to shoot, Jonnie seemed to let the shot go as the keeper made the decision to dive across the box to his right protecting a pass across gaol, Jonnie shot was also in the same direction and with the keeper already in the air as he was diving the ball came to his hands.

During the warm up session I pulled Baines to one side, explaining to him that I needed him to cover centre back as this was the best option I had, I agreed with Baines that I would change his position at half time as he would normally play midfield, as the half time whistle was approaching I pulled Chris, the only sub on the day to the line, asking his thoughts about changing the position of Baines, as this was agreed, Chris said that the formation was working and that I should not move him, I didn't like what I had heard as I like to keep to my word. The half time whistle came and the players walked across to take on some fluids, as they approached Baines spoke to me and said it's working out there don't change it, keeping himself as centre back. I was delighted as he had played really well there.

The team rejoined the field With the same positions, a settled Sandy now keeping position of the play with good team talking, passing and movements into space,(hard training tactics coming into the game),

Even more excellent runs from Stratton on the right, increasing our positivity and attacks on goal. Webby and Dennis were kept on their toes as the support play was still needed deep in our own half. Both Rogan and Webby were also seen making forward runs and having shots on goal. Our keeper Phil made excellent early decisions coming off his line to intercept the ball as it was approaching, commitment from Phil was at it's highest, even from the floor with goal kicks he was clearing the half way line with ease.

Brining Gregory onto the field for Stratton and a slight shuffle of players, Gregory settled into play. A superb through ball from Stratford to Gregory, leaving Gregory one on one with the keeper, Gregory curved the ball to his right passed the keeper for his first of the season and Sandy's second of the day. Dora now finding his feet after an earlier trip, as he pushes forward with his own chances at goal, again just like the first half an offside whistle blew as Dora approached goal, already in flow to take the shot, which was just wide of the goal and as the shot was after the whistle,(but already in flow), Dora was asked (told) to go and get the ball, the ball was passed back by a supporter from behind the goal into Dora's feet, the goal keeper called for the ball, Dora passed the ball to the keeper, but the ref insisted the ball was brought back to the position of the offside offence, as this was seen to be the second time the ball was kicked away the ref issued a yellow card to Dora. This seemed very unfair as Dora had done what he had been told to do, but not forgetting he did not kick the ball away in the first place, he only finished the shot that he was already in motion to do. Poor decisions like this in a game kill any respect that the players have for the ref.

Play continued as Jonnie worked the ball in toward the corner flag holding up the last minutes of the game, the opposition managed to play the ball onto the flag post which returned and hit Jonnie in the face. Jonnie stepped into take the corner and with a clearance saw the end of the game.

Player of the match was difficult, as all players had earned the right to be awarded, but for playing out of position and keeping himself in the position for the total game, it was awarded to Baines for his outstanding performance.

An excellent game, well done all.


Match Stats

Starting Line-up:

3. Darren Gipson (9)
5. Peter Rogan (9)
8. Scott Dora (9)
10. Andy Barker (9)
13. Reece Stratton (9)
19. Harry Barham (9)
20. Matt Baines (10)
21. Jonny Stratford (9)


8. Chris Gregory (9)

Goal Scorers:

1 x Andy Barker
1 x Chris Gregory


2 x Jonny Stratford

Man of the Match:

20. Matt Baines


8. Scott Dora


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