Sandy Reserves: Match Report v Goldington Hammers

Competition League - Division Four
Result Goldington Hammers 4-4 Sandy Reserves
Date Saturday 15 October 2011
Kick Off 2.30pm

Match Report

With a strong side for this crucial div four encounter, Sandy set off for Bedford heading out toward Mowsbury park for as we hoped a result in our favour.


The match started with a positive attack from Sandy showing the opposition that they meant business, and with only ten minutes gone Matt Baines nicked the ball out from Johnny who was still down from a tackle. Baines pulled the ball back away from Johnny and hit it home from range for the leading goal.


This goal stunned the home side and straight from the the kick off they tried to push forwards heading down the right flank, heading toward our goal. Darren Gipson make a fantastic tackle killing the ball out for a throw, but the impact of the tackle unfortunately left Gipson battered and unable to continue. New signing to the team Ryan Burgess stepped in for Gipson as left back, Burgess normally a midfield player soon adjusted to the requirements of left back and stood his ground well, pushing the ball forward for yet another Sandy attack.


Chris and Johnny were linking well, squaring balls across the box to each other however they were just being cleared away from the goal. Persistence though paid off for the visitors as the play continued to be pushed forward up the wing. Ryan Gregory found Johnny who moved the ball out wide to Chris, who delivered the ball in across goal for Johnny to slice it in the net for our second.


Goldington tried to respond using their quick runners against us, but John Sheppard held the strength of the opposition, with great control of the Sandy backline ensuring that they repelled all attacks and then Sandy were able to make some quick short passes bringing the play back under their control. Keeper Phil Cooper was assured and collected the long balls and attempts on goal well whilst demanding the back line to push out each time. However Phils long goal kicks were difficult to keep under as the tall Goldington keeper was soon on them.


Matt Baines and Matt Flynn managed the centre of midfield as they kept the ball moving forward or out to the wings, Reece made early movement looking for the forward play as wingman on the right. Captain Hales was often heard pushing Ryan up the left wing with plenty of width for the play to run. Johnny's 2nd goal was spectacular as he controlled the ball from the cross, switched feet whilst the ball was still in the air converting the attack into Sandy's 3rd goal of the day.


The boys were tested as Goldington attacked back, but they stayed strong and focused. Yet another run up the right and a feeding ball into Johnny saw the ball across the goal for Chris to slot his 4th goal in three games, confidently the team rested for half time at 4 0.


Shortly into the second half Pete Rogan one of the centre backs was pulled from play to save his ankle, and Matt Flynn dropped back into centre back. Ryan Gregory moved into the middle as Brad Dennis joined the field on the left. These injuries and with a change to the home sides play from Goldington, Sandy found themselves deep and worried in the 18 yard box, Goldington Hammers were living unto there name (hammers) as they found the 2nd and 3rd goal.


Sandy were still looking at making forward progress but were unable to convert any of the attacks they were having. Sandy came under added pressure as the sun was low and in their faces making visibility poor, Phil Cooper was particularly affected as he pulled the ball from the attackers.


Sandy's new signing left back as he was today, cleared the ball with passion from the edge of our box, taking himself out of the game with injury, Ryan Burgess was replaced by Jack Brown who remained as left back for the remainder of the game. The forced changes throughout the match with our back line opened the path for the home team to draw level.


Sandy's work rate was tested during the second half, as they fought to keep the draw. The game was drawn to the end with a point to each team. A good solid performance was given from all the players, let's keep this work rate up, and improve our chances to clinch some more wins. final score 4-4.

Match Stats

Starting Line-up:

3. Darren Gipson (8)
5. Peter Rogan (8)
8. Chris Gregory (8)
13. Reece Stratton (8)
14. Matt Flynn (9)
16. Adam Hales (8)
20. Matt Baines (8)
21. Jonny Stratford (8)
31. Ryan Gregory (8)
50. John Sheppard (8)


25. Jack Brown (8)
29. Ryan Burgess (8)

Goal Scorers:

2 x Jonny Stratford
1 x Matt Baines
1 x Chris Gregory


2 x Jonny Stratford
1 x Chris Gregory

Man of the Match:

14. Matt Flynn


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