Sandy Reserves: Match Report v Marston Shelton Rovers Res

Competition League - Division 4
Result Marston Shelton Rovers Res 1-0 Sandy Reserves
Date Saturday 15 September 2012
Kick Off 2.30pm

Match Report

A strong line up for the reserves, with player availability and the extra benefit of Reece Pope returning to the squad. An early attack from Sandy as they pushed their way forward into Marston's half, as Dennis, Dora, Barker and Stratford made early passes keeping possession of the play. The game seemed to be in our favour from the start, with early attempts being flagged for offside as Jonnies speed was too quick from the played ball,and with the keeper making some superb saves.


The tables turned as Marston headed towards our goal, but were kept away from a positive defence and holding midfield, our keeper Phil made him self big in goal stopping the attempts becoming goals, Phil was off his line controlling his area, especially when he found himself against a one to one attempt, Phil's courage, team ship and continuity earned him man of the match, which was well deserved.


Excellent vision from the back four as the long balls found well positioned players with skill and control. Flick on's from Webby and Baines controlling the centre, were a positive part of the attacking runs. The play continued from both sides as they both looked for the lead. The half time whistle came with a 0-0 first half result.


A slight shuffle of positions as we rejoined the field, Brad now on the right, Dora now taken his normal position on the left and Barker in the centre, play continued just as we ended the first half with both sides still looking for the opening goal. Two out of the three subs were called upon, Hales one replacing Stratton and Chris taken centre of the front three as Barker dropped in for Webby.


After the 84 minute the first and only goal came, but this was not in our favour, the goal resulted from an attack through our left back and a rebounded block from keeper Phil. This leaving the three points for Marstons. A draw would have been a fair result for both teams.


As the whistle blew for full time, Sandy gathered and sat on the field as we would normally do, discussing the game and awarding player of the match, we then headed to the changing room, as much as we were disappointed with losing the three points, we took on board the events from the game.


This was not the only disappointment from the day as our changing room had been robbed.

The outside door that leads into the two changing room was locked during the game and only opened again at the end of play. The window of time between Sandy sitting on the field and the home team entering the changing room could have been the only opportunity for the two wallet's containing approx £85, driving licences, bank cards etc and a Blackberry phone to be taken, other bags were also disturbed.


The police were called and crime numbers issued, but the deep sickened feeling of being robbed shattered all feeling for the game.


An e-mail from the Sandy chairman was sent to the club and league with the hope to regaining the belongings or at least the possibility to be able to claim against the clubs insurance.

Match Stats

Starting Line-up:

3. Darren Gipson (8)
5. Peter Rogan (8)
8. Scott Dora (8)
10. Andy Barker (8)
13. Reece Stratton (8)
15. Reece Pope (8)
20. Matt Baines (8)
21. Jonny Stratford (8)


8. Chris Gregory (8)
16. Adam Hales (8)


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