Sandy Reserves: Match Report v Westoning Rec Club Reserves

Competition League - Division 3
Result Sandy Reserves 1-0 Westoning Rec Club Reserves
Date Saturday 06 March 2010
Kick Off 2.30pm

Match Report

Sandy Reserves had a second consecutive win against Westoning Reserves in a scrappy game at Sunderland Road. The game was not pretty in patches but the effort warranted 3 points to the home side. The win meant that Sandy Reserves also moved off the bottom and above Riseley Reserves who were beaten 4-3 at the weekend. 

Due to the condition of Bedford Road the game was moved to Sunderland Road recreation ground which allowed the game to be played on a firm grassed playing surface. Matt Gedney continued the reliable position of Captain for the day. Three players were unavailable: Kevin Fage, Peter Norman and Andy Brace. 

Sandy FC started playing the first half [uphill] and struggled to get any rhythm and fluency with play. The midfield created little chances with both left and right midfield struggling to gain possession. Westoning started to grab hold of the game in the 20th minute and created various chances that were wasted. A better side would have been 2-Nil up.

As the game wore on in the first half, Sandy FC eventually started to play better football. Several breaks from long balls caused some problems for the Westoning defence. Dean Hains had a one-on- one that was parried away for a corner. Adam Hales also had a shot from 25 yards that just missed the target. Eventually, from the right hand side of midfield, a long ball was placed into the edge of the 18 yard area over the Westoning defenders. Dean Hains was the only player to react by racing forward to beat the Westoning goalkeeper to the ball. Dean Hains cross / shot from the left corner of the 18 yard area and into an open goal. 1-Nil. 

Graham Ward spoke to the Team at half time and instructed every player to concentrate, focus and compose themselves when they get the ball. The ball needed to be played down both flanks and crossed into the box and create chances.GW made some changes directly at half-time by replacing Danny Hoole with Dean Hains and putting substitute Marcus Tait in the middle of the park. The game needed somebody to put their foot on the ball and create chances behind a flat Westoning defence. 

The second half was a bit better with both sides trying to play football but creating very little chances. The football was more controlled by Sandy with good defending from the back four. Phil Cooper made a couple of good saves to stop a Westoning equaliser. In the 60th minute, Matt Flynn decided he was too tired to play any further part in the game and was replaced by Brad Dennis. Matt Baines came on as substitute to sit in the middle with Marcus Tait.

In the last 10 minutes both Brad and Marcus were suffering from injuries which made GW feel a bit awkward. However, both players finished the game with dignity. 

Throughout the game - The referee Mackintosh played his part with some strange decisions that weren’t going Sandy’s way – but he also defused a couple of issues that would have ended up with yellow cards for both sides. 

Leon Bryan [MoM] and Brad Smith worked very hard continuously throughout the 90 minutes. 

Man of the match was nominated to Leon Bryan for his endless work rate. The "Can of Coke" went to Matt Gedney – trying to lay an easy ball off to Matt Flynn resulting in the ball going off for a throw in.

Match Stats

Starting Line-up:

3. Jamie Bellingham (7)
8. Adam Jones (7)
9. Leon Bryan (8)
10. Dean Hains (7)
14. Matt Flynn (7)
16. Adam Hales (7)
17. Danny Hoole (7)
22. Matt Gednay (7)
26. Brad Smith (7)


15. Marcus Tait (7)
20. Matt Baines (7)

Goal Scorers:

1 x Dean Hains


Man of the Match:

9. Leon Bryan


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