Sandy Reserves: Match Report v Wilhamstead Reserves

Competition League - Division 3
Result Wilhamstead Reserves 1-2 Sandy Reserves
Date Saturday 10 April 2010
Kick Off 2.30pm

Match Report

Sandy Reserves were reminded of their great work and efforts from 2 nights earlier.Graham Ward and Dave Lloyd discussed the positive ability and attitude of the Team to allow them to continue working hard as a unit. This resulted in the Team showing great character and moving off the bottom of the Division with a 2-1 win result. The news of Riseley loosing 4-0 was icing on the cake. 

The Team changed again due to availability of players [First Team duty and work] but allowed the opportunity for Craig Baker to show his abilities. Players unavailable included Kev Fage, Matt Baines, Steve Jakes, and Peter Norman. The introduction of incentives also manipulated Sandy Reserves to raise morale and go and win the game. 

The Team started the first half similar to Wednesday’s night game with Renhold. Leon Bryan was asked to slot in and support the improving Marcus Tait and allow Craig Baker and Brad Smith to run at the defence. The hot conditions and bouncy pitch surface allowed both Teams to make silly mistakes. However, Sandy looked the stronger side in the first 20 minutes.

Wilstead had an active young centre forward who was quick and caused a couple of chances. The Sandy defence stood firm and looked well organised. The 25th minute caused a bit of a stir when Wilstead scored a goal out of nothing totally against the run of play.Graham Ward and Dave Lloyd lifted the Team by continually shouting out instructions and encouragement.

The Team responded with good work down both flanks allowing several chances to be made. Craig Baker swapped positions with Leon Bryan. This gave Marcus and Craig to interlink and creative change in play.The equalizer wasn’t long in coming with good movement down the left hand side with Brad Dennis and Leon Bryan involved. The final ball was crossed in from the left and allowed goal scorer Dean Hains to score his 6th goal of the season.

Confidence was booming and Sandy continued to press forward. Further chances were created, when eventually MotM Adam Jones [AJ] pushed forward on the edge of the 18 yard area. In the 35th minute, AJ picked up a loose ball and blasted a 20 yard shot into the top left hand corner. The keeper was no where to be seen. 

The half time Team talk promoted positive attitude, composure and confidence. The Team responded with a solid performance throughout. Dan Hoole replaced Brad Dennis in the 70 minute and interlinked with the midfield to find the elusive 3rd goal. It didn’t come and wasn’t needed.

Brad Smith work tirelessly and unfortunately gained a yellow card booking. The ever tormented Wilstead right back Gary Ward got sent off for dangerous play by the ever demanding and inconsistent referee.

Man of the match was nominated to Adam Jones [AJ] for his defensive work rate. 

The "Can of Coke" went to Leon Bryan for his unfortunate attempt to control the ball that landed on his nose and knee at the same time [instead of his chest]. Very entertaining.


Match Stats

Starting Line-up:

3. Jamie Bellingham (7)
8. Adam Jones (8)
9. Leon Bryan (7)
10. Dean Hains (7)
15. Marcus Tait (7)
16. Adam Hales (7)
22. Craig Baker (7)
22. Matt Gednay (7)
26. Brad Smith (7)


17. Danny Hoole (7)

Goal Scorers:

1 x Dean Hains
1 x Adam Jones


Man of the Match:

8. Adam Jones


26. Brad Smith


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