Player Positional Rotation

A short explanation to define why players are rotated through various positions within this development age period.

In keeping with the FA guidelines on rotating players through various postitions for development, experience and to ensure sufficient opportunity of exposure to the ball, I would like to clarify that no rota exists for which positions people will play.  Consideration is always given to try and maintain balance throughout the team and provide the boys the best chance of success in terms of a result.  This rotation will continue to occur, but the boys have been given the opportunity to select 1 position each that they do not need to play if they so wish.  Those selections have been made and will be adhered to.  They will be asked at fort nightly intervals if they are happy to stick with those selections or if they would like to change them. I have also gathered "preferred" positions, which we will try to accommodate wherever possible, but there may be occasions when this is not possible lie to allow others the opportunity to play in those places.