Match Report

Leam Rangers Greens U8's

10 Sep 2016   10.30AM   Summer League

Hetton Lyons U10's 3-2 Leam Rangers Greens U8's

Summer break over, tournament season over and back to some good old weekly routine league fixtures. 

After testing ourselves against some of the best young teams in the North East it was interesting to see what development changes and experience that will give us, not only in practical terms against teams in and around our own league standings but also in the confidence the boys will bring to the game and their attitudes towards how we play.  Due to the high quality of teams we always face in the tournaments this often results in restricting the boys to playing their most natural positions for confidence and to ensure we give the best account of ourselves, so this week allowed us a chance to return to offering development roles while keeping a good strength of familiarity throughout the team for balance.

The first half delivered an immediate insight into the benefits the tournament schedule has provided us with as the boys could be seen to play with a great deal of confidence and a clear understanding towards our style of 'pass-move-support' football which we constantly drill into them.  Fluid passing was in abundance throuhgout the first half, often initiated from Ollie at the back with his good passing ability, then through the midfield and up to the front line.  While we are keen to allow the gang to express themselves and improve their ability to taking players on, it was great to see on numerous occasions the understanding starting to develop in all of them when those moments should be taken and when a simple pass to a team mate would be the better option.  The more passing they made, the more supporting runs were offered as they knew it would be useful and they were likely to be involved again.  It didnt take long for them to reap the rewards of their playing style where a good move down the right hand side found Storm able to turn his defender and take a shot.  The keeper done well to get down to make the save, only to spill it into the oncoming path of Ethan who did brilliantly to follow in a shot from a team mate and finish it comfortably.  1-0.  The recognition of the winning formula in 'pass-move-support' was evident from all of them which was a pleasure to watch.  We quickly extended our lead to 2-0 when Storm was able to break through a crowd of LR Greens and slot it confidently past the keeper.  Although I feel we were largely in control of the game, LR Greens did have their moments in attack which we had to defend and did very well as a team.  Oscar was made to make a few quick charges off his line, Ollie was found bravely blocking shots, Sam and Ethan worked tirelessly up and down the wings in both defence and attack, with Ethan even finding himself sprinting back to get around the back of Oscar and clear a sure goal off the line, onto the post and eventually away to safety after a strong piece of team defending.  LR Greens eventually pulled a goal back but this came completely out of the blue....literally.  A superb long range effort from the Greens defender flew over everyones heads, including Oscars, and into the back of the net.  Take a bow son!  Although some teams promote long distance shooting in the interests of simply trying to win a match at all costs, respect must be given to the LR Greens coach who, much like ourselves, recognises the importance of 'playing' football rather than just long range shooting and was heard to say to the boys "Well done {name}, now lets get back to playing football". 2-1. Given our lead and the unexpected occurence of the goal, the boys did not seem effected by it and continued in the same form they had displayed up to this point.  The passing and moving continued which again ultimately ended in a brilliant goal and living proof that we are playing the game the right way.  Ethan broke down the left passed one, then when his space was closed down by another, he turned inside, looked up and picked out a perfect pass to Sam on the right in acres of space.  Sam took a touch, set himself up and fired a shot into the far bottom corner passed the outstretched keeper.  We finished the half at 3-1.

The second half saw some possitional changes with Oscar being allowed a development role on the right hand side of midfield, Fenton dropping back into left Midfield allowing Lacy to take up a forward role, leaving Kian to firm things up at the back with Ethan in goal.  With a complete change of outfield players at half time this is always likely to reset the performance of the first half, however it was great to see everyone was still on the same understanding of our playing approach meaning it is the entire team and not just one or two who have adopted this passing style.  We were less clinical this half but we still seemed to control the game.  It was great to see Oscar running down the wing and looking to get crosses into the box, which almost resulted in an opportunity for Fenton who had drifted in from the left to support the attack, but he was unable to get his shot away before the defender closed him down.  Lacy continued to hassle and press the opposition by defending from the front line which gave them little opportunity to craft anything solid.  They were presented with an opportunity which they gratefully accpeted however through our mistake at the back where we tried to bring the ball out from defence only to be closed down quickly and lost posession leaving us outumbered at the back where they were able to finish confidently.  3-2.  Another little confidence knock but still the gang ploughed on with their passing style.  A great move stands out where Lacy closed their defender down on the left side, forcing him into a mistake resulting in Fenton finding the ball at his feet.  He protected the ball well with his body, and when realising he couldnt go anywhere easy he wisely played back the way he was facing to Kian.  Kian looked up and spotted Oscar wide open on the right and brilliantly sprayed the ball over to him with a first time pass.  Oscar picked up the ball and ran forward before ultimately being closed down.  While the move didnt conclude in a goal, we had shown our awareness of using the entire field, we had used our brains to quickly think through situations and considered our options.  We made the right decisions and technically performed the passing tasks well.  With Oscar tiring on the right hand side after his powerfull surges down the wing, we switched Kian and Oscar which kept the strength at the back while adding fresh legs to the attack.  Despite spending most of the second period camped in their half, we were never really able to create any space or clear cut opportunities and I dont really recall their keeper having much to do.  The match ended 3-2.



With the greatest respect to LR Greens, although they chased endlessly and battled well, once again I feel we were largely in control and the scoreline did not do justice to our dominance.  If it were not for two moments of a great long range shot and a mistake in or defence to give posession away I feel this would of been the league game we have been expecting with a good goal count for us, great team passing play and all round individual developments.  

Our philosophy is - results will be what they will be and a scoreline wont directly make anyone a better player tomorrow.  The individual and collective attitudes, mentality and cohesion of the team today is proof of the right direction we are heading, is motivational for everyone and it left us all, including parents and coaches, virtually skipping away from the venue.

Well done gang, super dooper proud today!

First Half:

GK: Oscar

D: Ollie

RM: Sam (1)

LM: Ethan (1)

F: Storm (1)


Second Half:

GK: Ethan

D: Kian/Oscar

RM: Oscar/Kian

LM: Fenton

F: Lacy


Coaches MOM: Ethan

Opposition MOM: Not recieved

Parents MOM: Pending