Match Report


09 Mar 2013   2.30PM   Division 1

Shillington 3-0 Sandy 1st Team

Sandy travelled to Shillington for what turned out to be a very eventful day for the new into rimming player/managers first game in charge (sorry Pally had to steal that one). With the side struggling for players, Pally became Harry Redknapp for the week and was doing all kinds of hunting as he searched every nook and cranny for players, stuffing £5 notes through any unnattached players letterboxes, hanging around outside the Hawthorns to see if West Brom would let us have Odemwingie on a free, and even going undercover in the underworld of the black market to get hold of Craig Baker. The team were missing JJ and Nathan due to work commitments, James Hearson was 'suit shopping' and Ryan Gregory got caught in A1 traffic and so was unable to make the game in time. So Mark instead called up Lucas Craig for a second week in a row to the 1st team. Mark also threw his first new signing right into the mixer, Dale 'Fox in the box' Wiston. The other addition to this weeks first team squad was Darren Gipson who started on the bench to give the side an extra option should they need it. Mark decided to go with a standard 4-4-2 since he believed we really needed to start to look a bit more dangerous, which would hopefully allow us to get soem positive results once more. Lucas Craig started on the right wing, Burgess moved over to the left wing and Banfield starting upfront with Dale.

Luckily the matchday pitch at Greenfields was in better condition than the pitch that the teams warmed up on, which was quite soggy to say the least from the rain. The pitch was wide which allowed for a decent game of football from both sides, although the wet conditions did result in a few late sliding challenges (what an understatement!!). It was a slightly shaky start for the visitors as they were the first to be tested on the slippery surface, with some bad control and bad clearances from the defence, and a dodgy goal kick from Mark Pallister, but Sandy recovered well and began to settle and get to grips with the conditions. There were occassions where the Shillington midfield had a man over but it was Sandy who were the first to create a chance with some decent passing moves on both flanks. The ball was played forward to Banfield who was trying to hold the ball up, but was pushed and pulled and this resulted in a free kick on the left hand side. Olly stepped up and floated a lovely ball onto the 6 yard line and Beally had anticipated the ball better than the Shillington centre back, and found himself beating the keeper to the ball and heading into the net, this should of made the scores 1-0 to Sandy however the ref decided he saw a push and ruled out the goal immediately, rather than waiting to see the reaction of the Shillington players before making his mind up. Sandy weren't happy but before they could get back into position the Shillington Goalkeeper had hoofed the ball upfield and former Sandy player Sam James latched onto it and was clean through on goal, Pally had come off his line but didn't feel he was going to make it in time so he made himself big on the edge of his area but Sam had the quality and the technique to lift the ball over Marks head and just under the bar. Sandy couldn't quite believe their luck as instead of finding themselves 1-0 up they were 1-0 down within seconds, from a chance that never would of happened had it not been for the referees bad decision.

Sandy picked themselves up though and continued to impose themselves on Shillington, with Lucas Craig on his first start beginning to get on the ball more and more due to his hard work in winning the ball and also finding space on the pitch. Shillington were trying to take advantage of Sandys high line with through balls down the flanks and inbetween Wrenny and Beally, but these were easily covered by the pace of Sandys defence and the rest were overhit and easy pickings for Pally. The next piece of action was down the right wing as Seldon was stepping forward, this allowed Lucas to pull wide and Sandy were giving Lucas plenty of opportunities to get to the byline and cross for the strikers, Lucas drilled a lovely ball into the box and Olly placed it firmly towards the bottom corner but it was a lovely save low to the Shillington goalies left that kept them in the lead and their clean sheet intact, its not surprising they have the best defensive record in the league.

Next came something nobody expected or wanted to see after 30 minutes, play broke down on the right hand side and Seldon and the opposition full back both went in hard and recklessly onto the loose ball to try and win the ball for their team, this though only ended in disaster for Sandy and Richard and everyone knew it was serious by Richards reaction to the impact as a he yelled in agony. Jennings was the first to assess the damage and although it was unclear whether he had broken his leg, it was assumed that he had and an Ambulance was called immediately. With the game on hold whilst everyone waited for the ambulance to arrive, some players grabbed a jumper from the changing rooms to cope with the cold and Seldon was provided with blankets and a mobile phone to keep him entertained, he actually seemed to be enjoying himself strangely. The players had to keep themselves warmed up for when the game resumed as long as the ambulance didn't take too long. Luckily it got the within a decent time frame. However, by the time the cavalry had carried him off the pitch, the ref, managers and players agreed to cut the first half down to 40 minutes, with a 5 minute break and then another 40 minutes for the second half so that the game could be completed before it got too dark. Sandy changed to 4-5-1 with Olly dropping to right wing, Lucas going into central midfield, and Gipson came on for Seldon who had taken the easy way out to go and get treatment. Shillington then changed their play style and mostly ran down the rest of the first half by passing it along their back line, with the only other chances from both sides being from corners, which were easily cleared, or in Shillingtons case, Wrenny cleared it for them. Half time 1-0.