Sponsor and Club Briefing 2020

We welcome Sponsors to Shanghai Kickers FC! Shanghai Kickers FC is an amateur football club in China (Shanghai) focusing on bringing together people with different backgrounds!

Sponsor and Club Briefing 2020

Shanghai Kickers FC is an international football team established in the city of Shanghai in the year of 2000 and founded by a former member of an international consulate in China. From the founding day the team served as a community interesting not only in watching football, rather living the football culture and actively participating in this well-known sport all over the world. Over the last 20 years more than 850 players have played for the club, continuously supported it and at least a squad of 40 players will be considered for the season of 2020/2021 (Season starts 19th September, 2020 and ends in June 2021). Over the years via the individual players own network the name Shanghai Kickers FC was further spread within Shanghai.

The club has previously played under the name of “Bulls” for 11 years, than under “Pistolera Bulls” for 3 years, than changed to “Krauts FC” for 1 year and from the Season 2016/2017 has received a complete rebranding under the new team name “Shanghai Kickers FC”. Shanghai Kickers FC continued to play for the Shanghai Premier League in Pudong established in October 2003, where Shanghai Kickers FC has been part of since 2003. The league has established itself throughout Shanghai with a well-community. In the season of 2020/2021 Shanghai Kickers FC moved from the Shanghai Premier League to Shanghai International Football League (SIFL). 

As with all in life, also sport is connected to various costs, whereby hereby the team mainly relies on active and legend players, voluntarily supporters and for sure sponsors. Amounts are spend wisely for different team related activities, such as for the participation fees in the SPL-league, tournaments in China and some maybe in future in Asia, friendly games and during the week 7-aside leagues. 

Final Statement of Shanghai Kickers FC to sponsors, supporters and

Shanghai Kickers FC is an amateur football club in China (Shanghai) focusing on bringing together people with different backgrounds, as with many other sport teams or activities experienced or performed in China. We are not a profit club, we are what we are today because for the love to football and because of some individual persons, who put a lot of efforts into the club. Yearly a committee with supporting functionality is built with this the club. Whether international or local, we welcome players with different backgrounds, personality or nationality, focus always will be to provide a base to people far away from their hometown. Most players are expatriates working for different companies, but also some few students join, the team consists of different ages and people.

Our sponsors are the heart of all this, because without the support it is more than difficult to absorb costs associated with football in China. We commit to our sponsors, we provide or listen to any opportunity to bring the club closer to the sponsors, promote sponsor’s product and brand. With a tradition of more than 20 years the club will assure that the sponsorship will be exposed to a very big audience in China, but also to people now all around the world, who still are with the club with their heart for the time spend with the club in China.

The season of 2017/2018 is the year, where decision was made to run the club on more organized by putting focus on one team, instead of several teams, to use internet and social media to build the brand around this team. We hope our new sponsors can contribute with a small contribution to the existence of the club.

Team Manager & Owner Shanghai Kickers FC

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