Nathan Morris

Sandy 1st Team: Nathan Morris

Name Nathan Morris
Shirt Number13
Position Goalkeeper/Forward
Favourite Player(s)Fernando Torres and Mario Gomez


Nathan was last years leading scorer for the Reserve side, but following an injury to 1st Team goalkeeper Mark Pallister in pre season, he revealed a well kept secret that he actually wasn't too bad in goal. Manager Ian Hammett snapped him up immediately and removed him from goalscoring duties.

Nathan has a habit of making outrageous saves for the TV cameras that he appears to be convinced are filming him or they could just be for the benefit of the newly formed 'Nathan Morris fan club'... who have yet to actually attend a game.

Known for the odd clanger, he is also terribly injury prone having not got through one game yet this season without a knock. We all hope he survives until Pally is fit once again although he has made a case to be Sandy's regular No.1.


Photos of Nathan Morris

Sandy vs Caldecote Reserves 93
Sandy vs Caldecote Reserves 92
Sandy vs Caldecote Reserves 90
Sandy vs Caldecote Reserves 85
Sandy vs Caldecote Reserves 83
Sandy vs Caldecote Reserves 82

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SeasonStartsSubGoalsAssistsY CardsR CardsRatingMotM Awards
2017/2018No stats found.
2016/2017No stats found.
2015/2016No stats found.
2014/2015No stats found.
2013/2014 11 5 2 1 2 1 1.00 0
2012/2013 9 4 2 2 2 0 7.31 0
2011/2012 11 11 5 2 0 0 7.55 1
2010/2011No stats found.
2009/2010No stats found.
2008/2009No stats found.
2007/2008No stats found.
2006/2007No stats found.
Total 31 20 9 5 4 1 5.28 1
# = squad number
Starts = starting line-up
Sub = substitute appearances
Goals = goals scored
Assists = goal assists
Y cards = yellow cards
R cards = red cards
Rating = average rating
MotM awards = man of the match awards

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