Sandy Reserves: Match Report v Caldecote A

Competition League - Division 4
Result Sandy Reserves 3-5 Caldecote A
Date Saturday 13 October 2012
Kick Off 2.30pm

Match Report


As the opposition players started to arrive at our home ground for this local Derby game, it soon became apparent that the side we were to play against, had added strength with visiting players from the Caldecote's 1st team. Over the weeks we had been concerned as to whether this game would take place, as the visiting team had been struggling to field a team.

Before our warm up preparing our self for the game in hand, we turned our thoughts into positive actions, understanding that we had a challenge ahead.

Early positive attitude from the side showed good movement on the ball, especially the switching of play from left to right, Sandy moved forward attacking trying to find the opening goal, with early attempts being denied. Sandy opted to play a 4-4-2 formation, forcing the play out wide to the side lines, excellent runs down both wings from Dora and Ryan created chances and pressure in toward the oppositions box.

As the turn of attack was reversed with long balls finding Caldecote's number 14, our defence line had a great deal of work to deal with, keeping the possibilities down to a minimum as they tackled against the attacking runs, with keeper Phil claiming the ball.

Caldecote opened the score line as they broke away on the left side slotting the ball across goal finding the bottom corner.

Sandy retaliated and found the equaliser from a fantastic goal kick, Jonnie nudged the ball forward over the defended, running through placing the perfect ball passed the keeper, this boosted the confidence of our game. Some very poor tackles were not picked up by the ref, allowing play to become scrappy.

Our keeper Phil was thrown into the air as the number 14 lunged in with a 2 footed studs off the floor challenge, if it wasn't for the call of the players the ref would of allowed play to continue, the player deserved a straight red, but was only awarded a yellow.  

This left Phil injured and unable to take goal kicks for a while.

The play continued with a fare amount of frustration, but Sandy pulled together winning corners as they attacked against all odds.

Baines managed to clinch Sandy's second goal from yet another corner as the ball was flicked on from Jonnie.

With centre of midfield being well looked after by Dennis and Baines, Sandy found their third goal, a nicely through ball from Dennis to Jonnie found home sweet home, bringing the play all square. Just before half time, Dora took a blow to the head, as he challenged, winning the play attacking again toward goal.

The half time whistle came as the heavens opened and for the first time ever we retreated to the changing rooms for shelter.

With the team playing extremely well it was difficult to even consider a change to the field. The challenging game continued at the same pace, but Sandy upped the pressure and took the opportunity to fire at goal when ever the chance was at hand, Baines right foot shoots from 30 or so yards were like bullets from a gun, I will never know how the keeper managed to prevent them from entering his goal. Some more poor decisions from the ref as he failed to control the game, ruffled both sides.

Ryan was heavily taken out on the right and with a trailing elbow to his face from the opposition, Sandy reacted, Chris held Jonnie back as he tried defending Ryan, with Chris now pushed in the back he turned to see what was going on, only to be landed a punch to his face from the number 14 player, yet again the ref didn't control the game.  

Some justice was finally done as the ref awarded a yellow card to the player that took Ryan out. Chris's quick thinking holding Jonnie back, taking a punch was probably the best action that Chris could of taken. With the tempo of the game at it's highest, some more bad challenges were allowed to go on.

Jonnie took a studs up challenge to his ankle, leaving him in pain, but he never gave up.

Some 30 minutes into the second half, we made our first sub, still at this stage this was a tuff call. Andy now joined Baines in the centre and Dennis replacing Dora on the wing was the chosen move. Fresh legs helped as the play continued, but this unsettled the centre as Dennis was already focused on the play within the middle of the pitch, continues effort from Brad even on the wing earned him man of the match. With five minutes left in the game Ryan was subbed for Harry and shortly after Dennis got cramp in both legs, which allowed Jack to take his position for a short spell. 

All in all The result should be taken as a positive especially with the prem div players that strengthened the visiting side. An excellent game, well done all.









Match Stats

Starting Line-up:

5. Peter Rogan (8)
8. Scott Dora (8)
8. Chris Gregory (8)
13. Reece Stratton (8)
15. Reece Pope (8)
20. Matt Baines (8)
21. Jonny Stratford (8)
31. Ryan Gregory (8)
50. John Sheppard (8)


10. Andy Barker (8)
19. Harry Barham (8)
25. Jack Brown (8)

Goal Scorers:

2 x Jonny Stratford
1 x Matt Baines


1 x Jonny Stratford


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