Sandy Reserves: Match Report v Dinamo Flitwick Reserves

Competition League - Division Four
Result Sandy Reserves 3-2 Dinamo Flitwick Reserves
Date Saturday 17 December 2011
Kick Off 2.00pm

Match Report

Another week and another set of issues for the home side. This time though it wasn't squad selection but the fact that from midweek Sandy were under pressure to find a ref as the league appointed ref was unavailable. This resulted in many text and phone calls, which finally managed to secure an official for the game. Ian Dennis kindly offered to step into the vacant position and run the game for the home side, which was much appreciated.

It was a good job Sandy found a ref as they finally ended the run of home defeats as they put away three convincing goals, 2 from Jonnie Stratford and 1 from Ryan Gregory to win 3-2.

It was obvious from the start that Dinamo's number 11 was their main target man, as they continually fired long balls up the right hand side for him to run onto. Depsite his pace, it was soon matched by left back Matt Flynn who got the measure of the play managing to keep the player under some sembelance of control. The opposition were constantly complaining about some decisions regarding Sandy tackles that the ref allowed play to continue and they were even causing the opposition player manager to scream at the ref.

Depsite pulling off a good win the first half seem to be a struggle for Sandy as they seemed to allow the visitors to play some flowing football, without putting too much pressure on the players. This was at times leaving the back line very exposed. However the defensive unit and goalkeeper were up to the job of keeping the home side safe, making some fantastic tackles and saves in dangerous positions which helped to keep the threat on goal down.

Manager Tony made a change of position between Danny Hoole and Ryan Gregory as he switched Ryan to the centre of midfield and pushed Danny out onto the right wing. This allowed Ryan to have a greater influence on the play as his switched on thoughts and  passion for team work was at its best driving Sandy forward.

The first half was not without pressure on the opposition goal from Sandy's attackers, however there was much frustration from Chris Gregory as he was pulled down a few times, even picking up a blow to the face from the centre back which wasn't noticed by the ref as he allowed play to continue.

Manager Tony thinks this should be added this into his warm ups, as Chris's now aggravated attitude, proved to set him up for the rest of the game, and the added motivation was giving the impetus he needed to break away from the tough opposition back line inspite of the physical attention.

Tony sent the same squad out as the second half got underway, but now Sandy were closing down and breaking away from the visitors, the first sub took place as we exchanged midfield players Matt Baines for Brad Dennis. The introduction of fresh legs kept the centre covered and pressured Dinamo Fltiwick, stopping their forward attacks.

Ryan's thoughts were still focused as he was seen controlling the midfield, winning the ball into safety and turning the direction of attack in our favour.  This led the pattern of the play thoroughout the remainder of the game. Final score 3-2.

Match Stats

Starting Line-up:

5. Peter Rogan (9)
8. Chris Gregory (9)
13. Reece Stratton (9)
14. Matt Flynn (9)
15. Reece Pope (9)
16. Adam Hales (9)
17. Danny Hoole (9)
20. Matt Baines (9)
21. Jonny Stratford (9)
31. Ryan Gregory (10)


69. Anthony Roberts (9)

Goal Scorers:

2 x Jonny Stratford
1 x Ryan Gregory


1 x Danny Hoole
1 x Ryan Gregory
1 x Chris Gregory

Man of the Match:

31. Ryan Gregory


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