Sandy Reserves: Match Report v Dunton A

Competition League - Division Four
Result Dunton A 0-3 Sandy Reserves
Date Saturday 12 November 2011
Kick Off 2.00pm

Match Report

Tony ensured that the team met early on Saturday prior to their trip to local rivals Dunton A as following last week defeat and the added spice of some ex sandy players playing for dunton he there were some points that needed to be cleared before the set off to Dunton. This allowed Manager Tony to make sure that the team were now focussed on the game ahead, and provide lads with their starting positions, and tactical advice.


The reserve squad was once again bolstered by the presence of a couple of 1st teamers due to the size of their squad. Both Morgan and Matt Gedney were utilised by Tony to try and add an even more solid spine to the team.  There was also a change in formation to start with as they opted to play 3 up front as Birthday boy Ryan Gregory joined the regular strike force Chris Gregory and Johnny Stratford on the front line.


Ryan played deep for part of the game as Sandy needed the support in the center but pushed forwards whenever he could to ensure that the attacking aim of the game was fulfilled. Sandy Reserves started well in their new fomation as they attacked and had control of the game as soon as it was under way.


Depsite their loss the previous week the Reserves were positive and confident playing some nice football as they spread the ball around. They made full use of Phil Cooper in goal as the ball was played back to him and then back out again to the sides and up the field finding our striking force, as the visitors regularly built from the back. This created several opportunties for some early shots which sailed wide of the mark. However Sandy's intent soon paid off, as Brad Dennis laid a fantastic ball in for Pete to head home 1-0 to Sandy.


This rattled the home side and they upped their level of play. The Dunton strikers pushed hard to bring it back to equal-score but Sandy's defensive line, marshalled well by Morgan and Rogan kept them out, the half time whistle blew with Sandy 1 up.


The reserves had a calm chat at half time as the teams effort had been brilliant, Keeper Phil Cooper pointed out that Johnny and Chris should push up to the 18 yard line as the goal kicks toward us were taken from a defender, this would put more pressure on the home side.


Chris and Johnny heeded this advice and started to do this straight away, Dunton's midfield players reacted to this and were pulled from the middle of the park to mark them, leaving plenty of room in the centre for Sandy to play. This meant that the visiting side could keep control of the game and continued to be as the possession of the play was in the reserves favour.


With 10 minutes gone in the second half the first change was made by Manager Tony Gregory, with Brad Dennis giving way for Ryan Burgess to have a run out on the wing. Shortly after the pressure told as Sandy added a second goal, when a fantastic ball in from Morgan found Johnny and the second goal was in the bag.


The third goal wasn't long in coming either as continued efforts from both the forwards to press the play and push hard onto the keeper paid off. They were forcing the keeper off his line early and forcing him to make hurried clearances of the ball, under pressure one of his clearances went straight to Ryan Burgess on the left, with time on his hands and a cool head Burgess found his first goal for Sandy as he lobbed the keeper who was on the edge of his 18 yard box.


With the score now at 3-0 Tony made two more changes with Danny Hoole giving way to Matt Baines and Johnny Stratford being replaced by Reece Stratton. There was an excellent effort from Matt Flynn throughout the game at left back which earned him player of the match.


This unfortunately meant that Nathan Morris and Anthony Roberts were unused subs for the day and didn't manage to get on the pitch. Manager Tony would like to thank both players though for their support of the team. It was all in all a fantastic team effort which was deservedly rewarded with the 3 points on the day.


A special mention must go to match referee Bradley Hallybone as a potentially tricky game was well controlled by the official and this was the best performance that Sandy had seen from the young official. Congratulations Bradley. Final Score 3-0

Match Stats

Starting Line-up:

5. Peter Rogan (8)
8. Chris Gregory (8)
14. Matt Flynn (9)
17. Danny Hoole (8)
21. Jonny Stratford (8)
22. Matt Gednay (8)
31. Ryan Gregory (8)
50. John Sheppard (8)


13. Reece Stratton (8)
20. Matt Baines (8)
29. Ryan Burgess (8)

Goal Scorers:

1 x Peter Rogan
1 x Ryan Burgess
1 x Jonny Stratford


Man of the Match:

14. Matt Flynn


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