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Kick22.com: Sponsors

A sponsorship system can help your club to increase their revenue.

The Administration System allows the team to upload a banner advert for each sponsor. These banners will then be visible on the sponsors page and will also display randomly on every page at the foot of your website.

Teams can even specify the exact dates than a sponsor's banner should display, as well as writing a brief introduction to the sponsor.

Banners can be linked to the sponsor's website. If the sponsor doesn't have a website, why not write an article about them?

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Easy Our custom Administration System is powerful, yet simple to use
DigitalFC has provided our website template over the last 2 years, and we have received over 80,000 hits in that time. The players love to check their profiles, stats and match reports and it has proved valuable in raising sponsorship. Sandy FC wouldn't be the same without it.
Sandy Football Club