TEAM MANAGER NEWS- Season Start 2020-2021

Tuesday, 1st September 2020

Dear all,

Welcome all new players and old players to Shanghai Kickers FC, a club which was founded in Year 2000! Hundreds of players joined and experienced a nice time in connection with football. Over the years we had plenty of success and especially the last year we had one of the strongest squads.

Shanghai Kickers FC played in the Shanghai Premier League (SPL) for 19 years, whereby after the league was closed (Covid-19 gave its last hits), we moved this year to Shanghai International Football League (SIFL). The SIFL is a very strong and well organized league with super strict rules and some teams such as Azzuri, Re-united and Shooters playing very strong football. We yet not know with what team we will measure ourselves.

The team will be managed by Bilgin (Team Manager & Nickname DictatorJ) and Roy, whereby Roy will represent the Team Captain. The work behind such team is really massive, so the only thing we expect from the player is: Be on time! Reply to team manager, if being asked for something and be fully positive!

AND HERE THE MOST IMPORTANT: We are not professionals and I do not want “negative attitude” within this team, if we “lose”, it was all our fault together and not of an individual player. During the game, be respectful against each other, you can say things also nicely and not be an asshole towards any of your teammates. Divas are not welcome, this is a man sport, you act like a man and not be too sensitive!

At some point we can’t listen to all voices, opinions or demands, we decide based on the interest of the team. It has been also Shanghai Kickers FC philosophy that we treat each player fair and give sufficient playing time. At the beginning we might struggle a little, as the new players need know the old players, but in general we have strong players (members) and a good base of non-members (in case we not sufficient and they will be charged for the game), which can be injected to assure that have a complete team out in Waigaoqiao.

We all busy, shit can happen, things can go wrong, but what the player should never do is:
[1] Do not confirm, if you not sure that you can play! Whatever the weather will be, the game is on, the league never cancels games. If team does not show up, it is 2,000RMB punishment and 3-0 loss for the team. The team depends on your word given, so sort your things out and inform me or Roy, if something changes as early as possible.
[2] Please do not be late, always be there 30 minutes before the game. Roy will start with the warm up 20 minutes before the game and I will announce the Squad during warm up.
[3] You will be asked to confirm your attendance in the wechat group (members) by Wednesday 6pm. The maximum Squad taken to the game is max 14/15 players, is squad is full, you end up on the waiting list. This is only like this, so that it is worse to make the trip out there.

Some other rules:
[1] Without SHINPADS not allowed by league to play!
[2] No TEAMMATES shall be criticized! This is a NO-GO with Shanghai Kickers FC!
[3] We do not argue with the referees, as is of no use.
[4] YELLOW CARD (50RMB) & RED CARD (100RMB) are charged by the league, but not all details are known yet and as with other teams mostly same, player are responsible for it. It will be recorded by the Shanghai Kickers Committee.
[5] Do not assault anyone, never beat anyone, this can bring you in big trouble and any assault or attack on any player (beating), you will be banned from the league for years or ever. Police gets sometimes involved and that in China for sure is a big issue.

[1] The league costs around 38,000-43,000RMB per season
[2] Membership is: 2000RMB (normal member); 500RMB (students with no family here); 1,500RMB (students with family here); 0RMB (for players coming from other provinces). For outside player, we charge 120RMB per game, but after Game 5 they shall become member.
[3] Each player pays his own shirt by themselves.

We not like other clubs charging huge amounts, we want things being controlled. If you want to play during the week for training purpose, let us know, we play Tuesday and Thursdays 8-10pm, 6 aside to keep yourself fit. Meanwhile, anyone wants to play more during week can ask me, I have many games going on during the week.

Meanwhile, I am happy that it starts Saturday and looking forward to a good season! I will launch a app soon and also the website is under construction.

Your valued,
Bilgin (aka Dictator) & Roy


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