Bilgin G. (TURKEY) (Owner & Team Manager)
Bilgin G. (TURKEY) (Owner & Team Manager)
Name Bilgin G. (TURKEY) (Owner & Team Manager)
Shirt Number62
SupportsVFB Stuttgart, Manchester United, SV Darmstadt 08, Galatasaray Istanbul
Favourite Player(s)Christiano Ronaldo; Sandro Wagner


Arrived in China (Shanghai) in January 1999, originated from Turkey (Tunceli), raised in Germany (Welzheim near Stuttgart) and born on July 10, 1974, Bilgin G. gave his debut match for Shanghai Kickers FC (former Shanghai Bulls) in the season of 2000/2001. He has been the major force in the survival of Shanghai Kickers FC over all the years and is the acting Team Manager from 2003 on for Shanghai Kickers FC.

Being known in the city of one of the football enthusiastic he puts great efforts into the development of the international football community in Shanghai and is a great supporter of the Shanghai Premier League (SPL) and Shanghai International Football League (SIFL). Bilgin was the team manager for the Shanghai Krauts FC team (also including Shanghai Sauerkrauts) in the SIFL league (SIFL) from 2005/2006 till 2016/2017, where he decided to step down concentrating due to time concerns mainly on the Premier League Team Shanghai Kickers FC. He remains still an active player and continuous supporter of Shanghai Krauts FC. Bilgin participates also with own 5 and 7 aside teams during the week in different leagues around Shanghai offering many opportunities for players to be part of this well-known sport.

Bilgin G. playing style is more than simple to be decribed and is called the "German tank", whereby the name mainly relates to his massive number of yellow cards during the seasons (unbroken record of 17 yellow cards in 21 games). Nevertheless he remains still a closed and beloved friend of all referees in Shanghai.

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