Franky, M. (CAMEROON)
Franky, M. (CAMEROON)
0 Goals
0 Assists
0 MOTM Awards
Name Franky, M. (CAMEROON)
Shirt Number9
SupportsReal Madrid; Juventus Turin; Paris Saint-Germain
Favourite Player(s)Christiano Ronaldo; Samuel Eto'o Fils


Arrived in China (Huzhou/Zhejiang Province) in October 2016, originated from Cameroon (Douala/Littoral Province) and born on July 26, 1992 Franky M. gave his debut match for Shanghai Kickers FC late in the season of 2016/2017.

Where you had to search long to find people from Cameroon in previous times in China things look different since 2014, where both governments cooperate in many areas resulting in young people coming to China for their entire study mainly, what apparently also was the reason for Franky M.ending up in this wonderful country (even it was in his case the outskirts of Huzhou). A good thing is, there is some football love in Cameroon and that many target to go for professional in China bringin some decent football quality to China. Franky's brother Vincent Bikana Zagueiro has been playing professional already for several years.

From day one Franky M. was a very valuable player for the team. Within the short period of time from his arrival on, Franky has played for several teams in China and before in Cameroon:

Continuous Football Career:

2013 – 2012: C.F.O.C [Centre de Fromation d’Oyack City]
2012 – 2013: Espoir De New Bell FC [3th Division Cameroon]
2013 – 2014: Bama FC Du Nkam [3th Division Cameroon]
2014 – 2016: Mont Cemeroun FC De Bua
2016 in China (Herkules FC Hangzhou; Jiaxing, Shanghai Kickers FCetc.)

Franky playing style can be described simple and easy with engagement and determination. Lost balls are recovered immediately and with existing eyes closed to a lizard, Franky is able to see opponent’s moves quickly resulting in many rebounds. The danger, which always will lie in the way might be woman, the only thing, which might stop to achieve even stronger performance and his hair styles closed to Messi and Neymar.

Shanghai Kickers FC welcomed a good player in the season of 2016/2017 and we hope he stays in China for many years.

With Regards,
Team Manager







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